Cancellation and Refund Policy

Usage of the Services

  • Orders
  • You agree to take full care while making a booking request for the Services on the Website or the Software and further represent and warrant that the details provided are true, complete and accurate in all aspects. Where you cannot provide the Company with complete and precise details of the monetary value or weight of the goods at the time of making the booking request, the Services to be provided by the Company shall be conditional and dependent upon your provision of the closest genuine approximate of such value or weight of the goods to enable the Company to ensure the safe and successful delivery of the goods. You also warrant that the credit or debit card details that you provide are for your own credit, debit card and that you have sufficient funds to make the payment for the services requested.

    You agree that you are the owner or have legal right of possession of the goods and the transportation of goods ordered by you as part of the Services.

    You further acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not, at any time, have any right, title or interest to any goods, which are subject to a bipartite sale and purchase contract between you and the relevant third party seller. The Company does not have any control over the quality, failure to provide or any other aspect whatsoever of the goods and is not responsible for damages or delays on account of goods which are out of stock or unavailable.

    On the placement of a booking request for the Services, using telephone, the Website or the Software, the system will send a confirmation via an auto-generated SMS and e-mail on your registered mobile number and e-mail ID respectively (“Confirmation Message”) confirming the receipt of a booking request within twenty (20) minutes of placing the booking request if such request is made within the operational hours of the Company and on the next day if such request is made after the operational hours of the Company. For provision of Services outside the operational hours of the Company, you may contact the Company for further information regarding the terms and conditions of such Services. In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the booking request placed and Confirmation Message received or in the event of non-receipt of any Confirmation Message, you must inform the Company immediately.

  • Delivery Terms
  • You undertake that the details set out in the order placed by you are true, correct and accurate in all substantial respects and no material fact is suppressed or is omitted. Any material mismatch in the description of the goods as set out in the order and the goods shall be your responsibility and you undertake to indemnify the Company from any loss or damage due to such discrepancy. In the event any delivery of goods is delayed or is returned from its destination on account of such a mistake by you or any such discrepancy in the description of the goods as set out in the order, any additional costs incurred by the Company for re-delivery of the goods shall be borne and paid by you alone.

    You must ensure that at the time of handover of goods and at the place of delivery of the goods, adequate arrangements, including access where necessary, are in place for the safe loading and unloading of the goods, if required. The Company shall not be held liable for any damage, cost or expense incurred to such goods or premises where it arises as a result of a failure on your part to provide adequate access/ address or any other instructions or arrangements for handover of goods by you and delivery of the goods by the consignee.

    You agree that the signing of a goods handover note by the consignee or his/her/its representative shall constitute delivery of the goods to the consignee for all purposes. In the event the consignee refuses to take delivery or the consignee cannot be located by the Company, you will receive a text message (SMS) or a phone call (“Non-acceptance Message”).

    On receipt of Non-acceptance Message it shall be your responsibility to take the re-delivery of the goods at your location on payment of the additional cost of transportation that shall be determined as per the standard rates and policies of the Company. In the event you refuse to pay the cost of re-transportation of the goods or re-delivery of the goods for which a Non-acceptance Message has been sent to you, you hereby authorize the Company to hold the goods in lieu of its claim of re-transportation of the goods and subject to payment of the said amount release the goods in your favour. In the event you fail to act in the matter and take re-delivery of the goods from the Company, you hereby waive all your claims to the goods under Non-acceptance Message and declare that the Company under no circumstance shall be liable for any loss or damage caused or suffered, to the goods whether directly or indirectly.

    The Company will only be responsible for reimbursement of any damage done to the goods during the transportation and up to the delivery of the goods by the Company to the consignee. Any prior or subsequent damage or loss shall be the sole responsibility and liability of the customer to the complete exclusion of the Company.

    The Company's responsibility for the services and transportation of goods shall be deemed fulfilled upon delivery of the goods ordered to the address of the consignee communicated at the time of placing the booking request. The Company undertakes no obligations to ensure that the goods are in conformity with declaration of the goods in the booking request and other applicable document.

    While availing the services of the Company, you as well as your agents or representatives shall not:

    • soil or damage the body and/or any other interiors or equipment and devices of the Company’s transportation vehicle(s);
    • ask the Company to break any Traffic/RTO/police and/or government laws for any purpose;
    • Pressurize the Company to overload its vehicle with the consignment over the allowed limit or capacity of the vehicle.
  • Cancellation
  • Any cancellation of a booking request must be notified immediately to the Company by quoting the booking request number or by cancelling the booking request on the Website or the Software. If a task is not cancelled not later than two (2) hours prior the pickup time of the goods, a flat cancellation fees of Rs 100/- will be applicable. If the cancellation is accepted, no cancellation fee shall apply and any amounts received may be refunded in 30 business days. The Company’s decision on refunds shall be at its sole discretion and shall be final and binding. However, if a transport personnel engaged to undertake the transportation of the goods has already been dispatched and/or if the goods ordered to be purchased by the Company have already been purchased, the booking request may not be cancelled and there will be no refund/cancellation of the amount received/to be received for the booking request.

    The Company, in its sole and absolute discretion, also reserves the right to cancel any orders if: (i) it is of the opinion that a customer is indulging in a fraudulent transaction, or (ii) it suspects that a customer has undertaken a transaction which is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or (iii) the goods ordered to be purchased/delivered are unavailable, or (iv) the address of pickup or delivery of goods falls outside the area of delivery/service zone of the Company, or (v) failure to contact a customer by phone or email, or (vi) failure to deliver an order due to lack of information, direction or authorization from the customer, or (vii) for any reason outside the control of the Company including causes for delivery related to logistical complications.

  • Dangerous and Hazardous Goods
  • The Company may refuse to carry dangerous or hazardous goods, as may be specified under applicable laws, which are in its sole discretion, dangerous or hazardous to human life.

    The goods are accepted for the transportation services only upon your declaration of the type and value of the consignment (‘said to contain’ basis) and the Company has no responsibility whatsoever as to the correctness of description, type or value thereof. You agree to indemnify the Company including its directors, employees, contractors, representatives and agents and hold them harmless from any claims that may be brought against them arising out of or relating to such declaration provided by you and any costs incurred by them in relation thereto.

  • Charges
  • You may use the Website and the Software for procuring the Services in accordance with the charges provided therein. The Company endeavours to ensure that prices of various Services are correct and up-to-date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, prices for certain Services may not be current or may be inaccurate on account of technical issues, typographical errors or incorrect information provided to the Company by a supplier. In each such case, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Company reserves the right to cancel an order without any further liability. You shall also be responsible and liable for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessment arising out of your usage of the Services.

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