We are in the business of Same day delivery.

Russsh is an on-demand delivery service offering first mile and last mile solutions to Individuals, Startups, Home Chefs, S.M.E, M.S.M.E, Corporates in Mumbai. Founded in 2012 with a simple vision and now with a team of 150+ executive we cover entire mumbai, thane & Navi Mumbai. We have completed more than 10 lakh deliveries to date.



In a country traditionally reliant on full-time servants, Russsh aims to provide help to those who can't afford a full-time runner for daily errands/ chores. The idea is to provide a professional, affordable and trustworthy service which completely understands the urgency and confidentiality of all its clients.

So, whether you want to eat Vadapav, Get cake from your favorite baker, Get an urgent document signed from a business partner Or deposit cheque or cash at the bank. These are a few request we receive on a daily basis, so don’t waste your time running around call Russsh.


The Inspiration

As the older kid of the two siblings, I always had to run errands for my mom and dad some of which were not so important but time-consuming tasks. These were something that I could easily outsource but there was no service available that could run all my personal and official errands hence I realized the need and started russsh.com (formerly called getmypeon.com) in 2012. Now we have over 50 thousand clients ranging from home based business owner, bakers, chief executives to housewives and college students. People have stopped doing things the old-fashioned way and we are proud to have

Bharat Ahirwar


We believe passionately in saving time, being productive, good food, great friends and a spirit of adventure. We are also 100% positive
Mumbai could be a better place if everyone spent more time with their dear ones and not the rickshawwala and taxiwala.

About Russsh

Russsh is an on demand delivery service offering first mile and last mile solutions to individuals and businesses. Founded in 2012 we are currently operational in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and have completed over 10,00,000 tasks till date.

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